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AQUACULTURE PERSPECTIVES: Food security is a primary goal of aquaculture

by Bill Manci

As a consultant, in a real sense I am plugged into the heartbeat of the world with regard to the demand for aquaculture.

SH-ManciAquaculture has, of course, become (or soon will become) a primary way for many nations to secure their food supplies for the future.

As most of us know, the oceans have reached their limits – about 92 million metric tons per year – in a world that currently demands about 160 million metric tons per year, and that number is rising rapidly.

Plus, there is still no sign of a top end in world population growth.

Some predict a brief pause at about 9 billion people –we are currently at 7 billion – and then the upward move will continue.

If we have any hope of meeting the current and predicted demand for finfish and shellfish – or for that matter protein in general – aquaculture must be there in a big way.

Let’s face it, there are few things we humans need more than food.

I suppose oxygen comes first and then water is second.

But in my view, food and shelter vie for third place.

And, when food supplies become an issue, people become desperate.

We have seen it before.

The rule of law and civilized behavior get thrown out the window.


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