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Finally, good news about aquaculture’s environmental impacts

Industry receives good news about its environmental impacts



I received some very good news recently.

This was news that really did not surprise me, frankly, but was the sort of news that provided a sense of satisfaction that I have sought for a long time. Those of us in aquaculture have always understood the many ways in which aquaculture can help bridge the gap between food demand and availability.

We are also keenly aware of the production efficiencies and environmental benefits that aquaculture offers over other types of agricultural production, and the role aquaculture plays in saving and preserving wild populations of fish.

So finally, a new report by WorldFish Center and Conservation International confirms to the “outside world” what we all have known for many decades.


Read the rest and much, much more in Issue 3, 2011 of Fish Farming News.  Download now for immediate access and keep the .pdf for future reference.

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