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Dragging me along into social media as I concede to modern times

FROM THE FIELD by Bob Robinson

Like many of you, I can remember as if it was yesterday the need when traveling to stop frequently at a roadside phone booth and check ahead before my next farm visit, call home, or see about messages at the office.

I sometimes felt like Superman considering how often I had to stop. So now I ask, have you even seen a phone booth lately, much less been in one?

How did we get along without cellphones?

How did we survive without e-mail?

Gee, I remember when telex and faxes were the state-of-the-art tools for business communication.

My point?

Technology, and a decent understanding of it, can absolutely help you and your business grow. There’s lots of evidence of that.

On the other hand, failure to understand and embrace emerging technology might also undermine your ability to compete going forward – as our children’s generation moves more and more into prominent purchasing positions.

This is a predicament for many of us “old fossils.”

Just what is social media and why does it matter? Why on earth would I want a Facebook page for my business. Texting? Sounds great for kids, but my cellphone is for calling

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