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Bob’s annual report from the WI aquaculture conference: Good turnout, super products showcased, lots of snow

FROM THE FIELD BY BOB ROBINSON  PEWAUKEE, WI – Regular readers know that around this time of the year you can pretty much count on spring show reports from me.

Usually one from the big national aquaculture conference and show (wherever it happens to be) and another from the Wisconsin Aquaculture Conference, which is basically a “home game” for me.

But, there’s no “from the floor” report from Aquaculture 2013 in Nashville this year as my travel schedule only allowed a one-day, in-and-out stop there.

Plus, this year’s Wisconsin meeting was a bit different for me, too.BRWI5DSCN4175_1441wBob Robinson photos © 2013 Fish Farming News

BRWI6image006Left, here is just some of the “value-added” product on
display this year. Producers are finding a bit of additional
processing and packaging can bring a nice return at the
check-out counter.
And above, value-added is definitely where it’s at these
days – just ask Rushing Waters. These dog treats are a
hot new product for them.






Recreational fishing is big business in Wisconsin, as anglers are tempted to land “lunkers” like these in the state’s numerous lakes, rivers, and streams.







Read the rest and much, much more in Issue 2, 2013 of Fish Farming News.  Download access instructions so that you can read the online flipbook AND download a pdf copy for future reference.

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