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Nanoparticles: Next generation vaccines for farmed fish?


 ITHACA, NY – Until recently, I had no idea that nanoparticles could serve as vaccine and drug-delivery devices. These miniscule spheres are the subject of lectures and articles in our campus newspaper at Cornell University, and our NanoScale Science & Technology Facility focuses on their manufacture and application. We even have our own “Cornell dot,” or “C dot,” a nanoparticle created by material scientists here that can be used to identify cancer cells.

I was surprised again when I ran across an article on a new type of fish vaccine that uses nanoparticle technology and, so, began searching for more scientific studies to explain how nanoparticles work.

Here’s what I found out…


FHNGraphic courtesy of Dr. Taeghwan Hyeon, director, Center for Nanoparticle Research, Seoul  National University © 2013 Fish Farming News

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