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Tourism: A viable spin-off business for lobstermen and sea farmers

by Dana Morse

“Oh yeah, sure.  I know a bunch of lobstermen.  Lots of times I’ll just call up or go down to the boat to get a few lobsters,” said any resident on the Maine coast, anywhere.

 “You know a lobsterman?  Oh man, that must be so cool, to go right down to the boat and get your lobsters!  And Maine is such a beautiful place.  I’d love to be able to go around the islands and stuff,” replied any of the other 300 million residents of the United States.


And there you have it in a nutshell.  In the midst of the increasingly important search for alternative income for seafood producers, meaning fishermen and sea farmers, there are untapped resources that might be good sources of revenue.

In this case, we’re talking about tourism and the potential for clam diggers, oyster and mussel farmers, lobstermen, and others to find ways to earn some extra cash.  In these ventures, stories and personal connections are the stock in trade and a potential source of significant profit…


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