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The many faces of fish farming:  This issue, meet Dr. Jesse Chappell

by Amy Riedel-Stone

AUBURN, AL –  When considering my next profile for this column, I decided it was time to head west.  Little did I know I really wouldn’t have to go very far at all to find the perfect candidate for this issue.

Dr. Jesse Chappell, who many of you already know, has been a friend and mentor to me for many years.  And I know I am just one of literally hundreds of you out there who could say the same thing.

I actually worked for Jesse, but even before then he was instrumental in helping me market red drum when I was with American Aqua Resources.

When I worked for him, I would say he was a real taskmaster – but always with an eye for exploring new techniques to improve efficiency in hatchery work.

And now, as an associate professor and extension specialist through Auburn University, he is still helping people all around the industry and is a great resource for learning the latest in fish farming techniques.


Early career

Jesse started his career by studying zoology at Clemson University, with the idea that he would teach once he graduated…


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