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Keo Fish Farm: Surviving, then thriving, because they’re good at what they do

by Brian D. Robbins

KEO, AR – This is a story about true grit. Not True Grit, mind you – there are no one-eyed marshals, fierce shoot-outs with gangs of ruthless outlaws, or horses, even. (Although there are a few cows – we’ll get to them later.)

No, this is a story about having true grit. The kind of grit, gumption, spirit, and, yes – guts – that many folks in this world just don’t have.

You might look at Keo Fish Farm here with their successful hybrid striped bass and triploid grass carp growing operation and 1,300 acres of ponds and say, “There’s somebody who’s got their act together and knows how to get things done.”


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