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Fish Health Notes – Molecular methods

Molecular methods:  Are they the next enforcement tools?

FHN-SHITHACA, NY – Scientists these days love to use the latest fancy molecular techniques to find evidence of pathogens in samples such as tank water, feces, mucus, and, of course, fish themselves.  I confess I am one of those “CSI”-type guys.

Now, ecologists are starting to use the same molecular technologies to detect fish cells in water samples.  Fish shed their cells into the water at a pretty steady rate, similar to how we humans constantly shed dead skin cells.

Genetic specialists can “barcode” fish, identifying them as being of a particular species, based on DNA extracted from fish cells floating around in the environment.

Read the rest and much, much more in Issue 3, 2013 of Fish Farming News.  Download access instructions so that you can read the online flipbook AND download a pdf copy for future reference.

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