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CUSP makes impact in DC with unified front for aquaculture

WASHINGTON, DC – Since announcing its formation six months ago at the Aquaculture America 2014 conference in Seattle, the Coalition of US Seafood Production (CUSP) has found that there is strength in numbers when advocating as a unified industry.

Coalition members have met twice with federal agencies and legislators here this past spring to support government action to grow domestic aquaculture, and they are optimistic about progress made to date.

“CUSP has already had an impact,” said Don Kent, president of Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI).

“There has been a lack of cohesiveness in the aquaculture industry with the different players not talking to each other.

“CUSP was conceptualized as representing a horizontally and vertically integrated business community, spanning different aquaculture methods and seafood species, and the entire supply stream – feed and equipment companies, fish farmers, seafood distributors, retailers, and restaurants,” Kent continued.

“CUSP is the aquaculture industry in a nutshell – and your voice gets heard more effectively the larger the group represented.”


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