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Aquaculture Perspectives – A wild capture fisheries atrocity off the coast of Peru

by Bill Manci

Another installment of “What is the world coming to?”

You may have missed this, but two conservation organizations, Mundo Azul and BlueVoice, recently uncovered what I consider one of the most heinous and indefensible activities ever brought to light.

manci-shThousands of dolphins off the coast of Peru are being slaughtered and used as bait for the commercial capture of sharks.

See if you can wrap your brain around that – dolphin bait for sharks.

Frankly, “what is the world coming to?” doesn’t even begin to capture my outrage.

The conservation groups, after learning of these atrocities, immediately contacted the Peruvian government…


Read the rest and much, much more in Issue 6, 2013 of Fish Farming News.  Download access instructions so that you can read the online flipbook AND download a pdf copy for future reference.


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