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From the Field – Visiting the Hales at Boatcycle, Inc. in TX

In East Texas, visiting the Hales at Boatcycle Inc., providers of aerators, supplies, tilapia, and more

From the Field by Bob Robinson

HENDERSON, TX – During a recent visit to Texas I took a little side trip over to East Texas to visit my friends Ken and Kirk Hale at their unique business, Boatcycle Inc.

While there, it occurred to me that the Hales and the Boatcycle story might make an interesting read in FFN.

This is a great and somehwat unusual success story, that actually predates the Hales – going way back to 1954.


Read the rest and much, much more in Issue 3, 2012 of Fish Farming News.  Download now for immediate access and keep the .pdf for future reference.

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