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FISH SAFE: Pandemic stress is real, but fishermen finding ways  to cope, survive, push forward through COVID-19

We can always count on the fact that the full moon of August, the Sturgeon Moon, will give way to the full moon of September, the Corn Moon. It happens every year with astronomical consistency in the heavens. But here in 2020, on earth versus the heavens, any consistency we expected in past years – …

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FISH-SAFE: Fishing industry during COVID-19: Essential, but paralyzed?

What do you do when your industry is categorized “essential” — along with agriculture, pharmacies, grocery stores, manufacturing, and hospitals — but your supply chain is disrupted? You adapt.  Something that fishermen here are good at, though no one has ever seen anything quite like this. On Mar. 15, Gov. Janet Mills of Maine declared …

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FISH SAFE: Situational awareness and confined space hazards

Let’s start with situational awareness. It is my sense that most fishermen either naturally have, or seem to develop, excellent situational awareness skills. They have keen eyes and ears for non-normal situations – whether it be a change in the sound of their boat engine, the sense that another vessel is approaching through the fog, …

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A look back at 2018 Coast Guard casualty responses

Last year, for the Maine Fishermen’s Forum issue (see CFN Mar. 2018), I dug into the Coast Guard Division I database for information on the casualties to which the Coast Guard responded. I thought I would do the same thing this year for comparison. Once again this article will focus on the medico and medevac …

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USCG issues safety alert regarding potential radio frequency interference from LED lights

It sometimes seems that as new products for fishermen/boat owners come to market, we discover unexpected limitations, side-effects, or the need for work-arounds. This appears to be the case with some LED lights, a product that has become increasingly ubiquitous on many fishing boats.  Some LEDs, it seems, have been found to emit radio frequency …

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Refinishing your boat this winter? Check this out.

Well, the holidays are upon us and for some fishermen who don’t fish in the winter, some downtime, so to speak. Or, perhaps we should just call it a change in the work routine rather than downtime. Are you, or someone you know planning to repaint or refinish your boat this winter? Or perhaps you’re …

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Two fires: Good news — all rescued uninjured

It is worth drawing attention from time to time to events that may result in a vessel casualty on the one hand, but end with the good news that all crew are rescued and uninjured, on the other hand. In August, two fishing vessels reported significant fires — one 65 miles off Chatham, MA, and …

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Fish Safe: A look back at 2017 Coast Guard casualty responses

Sinkings, fires, dewatering, collisions, allisions – Coast Guard personnel respond to many different types of emergency calls. As we all know, in addition to these vessel-related calls, the Coast Guard responds to many crew-related calls as well. When a crewmember or captain is injured or not well, a mayday call can result in either a …

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FISH SAFE – Understanding wind chill:  Why should we care?

Wind chill is a subjective measure of how cold it feels on the skin of humans and animals. Wind chill is also a measure of the rate of heat loss and, as a result, the temperature we perceive it to be. If you have the <> app on your mobile device or computer, you probably …

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SAFE BOAT – SMART BOAT: Abandoning ship Part 4 – Surviving aboard the liferaft

The following is the final installment in our four-part series focused on the decision to abandon ship and then taking the steps necessary to maximize chances for survival and rescue.  —Editor Immediately after abandoning ship and gaining the shelter of a liferaft, survivors are likely to be cold, wet, exhausted, and possibly suffering from varying …

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