Tracing fish: Ocean to plate

ThisFishPOINT JUDITH, RI – As part of a growing trend to connect consumers back to the fish they eat, a group of Rhode Island fishermen, chefs, and supporters got together in 2010 to put local fish on local plates while educating consumers about where it came from. With a strong belief that local fish is fresher, tastier, and higher quality, the fishermen formed “Wild Rhody” to brand their fish for area markets.

“Trace & Trust” was formed as a membership organization to connect chefs and supporters with the fishermen of Wild Rhody to bring local seafood to consumers.

Both organizations sought to teach people about the fish they eat – where it comes from, how it lives and breeds, how it is harvested, and who regulates it. In short, they traced the path of the fish from ocean to plate. The term “traceability” means just that: the ability for each step of the supply chain to provide information about the fish that stays with it until it reaches the consumers.


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