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Will aquaculture be a casualty of The War on Science?

The National Geographic magazine calls it “The War on Science.”

What is “it”?

It is, among other things, a complete denial of fossil fuel-based climate change, or climate change in any form.

SH-ManciIt’s denial of evolution in favor of a world that is only 10,000 years old.

It’s denial of the moon landings.

And it’s a belief that genetically modified food is evil, to name just a few of the precepts of this war on science.

A war that has the potential to seriously hinder new and emerging technolgies that could benefit aquaculture.

All of these beliefs, by the way, fly in the face of credible and established facts and objective science.

But people will blindly put emotionalism, herd mentality (i.e., the need and priority to belong to a group and steadfast adherence to a belief system despite its few or numerous imperfections), and long-held doctrine (often religious doctrine) ahead of what admittedly at times can seem incredible…


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