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Fish Health Notes – Rox Smolowitz: Shellfish doc extraordinaire

BRISTOL, RI – If you need to know something about a shellfish disease, Roxanna Smolowitz is the doctor to call.  Few veterinarians focus on disease testing and treatment of aquatic animals.  Even fewer specialize in shellfish.  Yet Roxanna is fulfilling a large and growing need for disease screening, diagnostic services, and treatment options for these critters without backbones.  Her clients come from up and down the East Coast.

FHN-SHI have been lucky enough to cross paths with Dr. Smolowitz many times over the last few decades.  First, we had a joint interest in clams with leukemia and lobsters with shell disease when I worked for the state of Maine in West Boothbay Harbor.

Then, while Smolowitz was in Woods Hole, MA in 1994 working as a researcher based at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), she was one of my instructors for AQUAVET® II, a course focused on diseases of aquacultured species.  Eventually, she would become the lead veterinarian at MBL, maintaining the health of all the research animals there, a doctor for everything aquatic.


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