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From the Field: Gollon Brothers Bait

Trip to Gollon Brothers Live Bait:  Why’d it take me so long to visit this impressive operation in my backyard?

STEVENS POINT, WI –  No excuses.  It’s only a 25-mile drive from home and I’d been thinking about it for years.

SH-RobinsonBut I have to confess, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I finally got around to visiting the Gollon Brothers Wholesale Live Bait operation here for purposes of this column.  Let me tell you, it was time well spent.

Family legacy

If you know anything about aquaculture in Wisconsin, you know the Gollon family name is synonymous with the live bait business.

Brothers Ben and Joe Gollon were pretty much born into that family business.  Both worked for their uncles, Fritz and Sonny Gollon, where they learned the trade before going out on their own in 1995.

The start was a modest one.  A single live-haul truck that they were able to keep busy about three days a week.  Not enough to really make a living, but it gave the guys beer money and the foundation for building a bigger business.


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