TUNA FOCUS: Slow start to this year’s bluefin season, few fish around so far

CHATHAM, MA – “It’s dead.  We are just not seeing any fish on the Cape,” said Andy Baler, president of Nantucket Fish, based here and in Dennis, MA.

tuna-focus-SHBaler was echoing comments heard from other tuna buyers throughout the region who were lamenting a very slow start to this year’s bluefin tuna season which opened June 1.

“It’s a horrible start.  No fish around,” said Bob Kliss of Lynn, MA-based North Atlantic Traders Ltd.  “We’ve really had absolutely nothing so far.”

“There were a few fish around early, pre-season,” Baler said, “But I don’t know where they went.  Nothing now.”

Both Baler and Kliss acknowledged that things were slightly better to the north.

“I think they’re seeing a few fish in Maine,” Baler said, but down here, maybe 1 or 2 harpooned fish so far.”  Kliss agreed…


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