So you want to find fish? Start by finding a professional fishing forecasting service

by Mitch Roffer

WEST MELBOURNE, FL – As all of you out on the water already know, time and fuel costs are always important considerations when fishing.

Deciding on where you are going to fish before you leave the dock is as critical today as it was in the days before the various electronic aides that we have today existed.

Too many times we hear of fishermen who “know” where the fish are – based on dock rumors or private networking with secret reports.

tuna-focus-SHWhile these can sometimes be useful techniques in finding concentrations of fish, one also hears more stories about how the fish “moved” or perhaps were never there in the first place.

Does “should have been here yesterday” sound familiar?

After many years of research and fishing experience it has become clear that fish will be found in areas where they can find necessary amounts of food – as eating is critical for growth and survival.

And that is where a good, professionally prepared fishing forecasting analysis can make all the difference in the world to your fishing experience and potential success.


What do fish like?

All fish have preferred habitats of depth, bottom type, water temperature, oxygen, salinity, clarity, and perhaps magnetic paths.

Preferred habitat zones are often relatively large areas relative to where one can travel by boat in several hours, so one has to learn where…

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