April 2013

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This month''s edition includes features:
 Along the Coast, Bearin’s, Classifieds, Coming Events, Editorial, Guest Columns, Lobster Market Report, Maine Line, New Boats, News Catch, SAFE BOAT, Shop Talk

and News Articles:

  • NMFS weighs emergency action to lift northern monkfish trip limits
  • Conch fishermen warned about perils of Asian horseshoe crab bait
  • Maine Lobster earns MSC certification
  • Gloucester summit:  Huge potential to diversity working waterfront
  • 2013 MLA awards
  • Maine DMR holds off on pursuing new lobster rules
  • lobster marketing bill sent to DMR for fee adjustments
  • 'Thumbs up' to the Maine forum
  • Section expands shrimp fishery for those still taking a stab at it
  • AOL: 20 years and still going strong
  • NMFS grants redfish exemption but industry calls program 'unworkable'
  • How to manage fluke?  RI seeks industry input
  • NE groundfish history:  The only thing constant is change
  • Flower's Boats: 'A long short ride' so far

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