June 2013

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This month''s edition includes features:
 Along the Coast, Bearin’s, Classifieds, Coming Events, Editorial, Groundfish History, Guest Columns, Letters, Lobster Market Report, Maine Line, New Boats, SAFE BOAT, Shop Talk

and News Articles:

  • 2012 lobster settlement numbers
  • Scallopers hit with restrictive yellowtail, dab catch limits
  • Another imminent crisis:  Gulf of Maine haddock
  • White hake assessment leads to quota increase
  • New minimum fish sizes to take effect July 1
  • Distribution confuses cod abundance questions
  • New England council asks NMFS to modify monkfish emergency action
  • Longfin quid fishery gets new control date
  • Paul Shuman: Innovative net designer
  • Fishing industry rallies to demand aid, MSA flexibility
  • Wind farm advice:  Accept, engage, negotiate
  • Wind farms: Ecosystem effects differ depending on species, seafloor features
  • New Bedford breaks ground for terminal to support offshore wind construction
  • Electrical systems: Vent, ground, protect to prevent onboard fires
  • Dana's Boat Shop
  • Spat growout:  There's more to the 'ME scalloper loses gonads' story
  • Slow lobster spring continues; turmoil in Canada
  • Stonington, ME tackles lobster handling, quality issues, produces instructional DVD
  • Fishermen's used rope transformed into giant NYC art installation

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