Lobster Boat Racing 2013

Best of the Season Photo Contest


1st Prize – $250

2nd Prize – $100         3rd Prize – $50

send us your best 2013 race photos – enter as many as 3 photos per race

then vote for your favorites,
send a link to your friends and family to vote for your photos

Voting will be open for three weeks after the completion of each race, (July 22nd for Boothbay, Rockland and Bass Harbor since we got a late start)  so get your photos in early.  One vote allowed per race location. Click on the name of the race to see all the entries for that town’s race.



choose the race from below


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Boothbay Photos
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Rockland Photos
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Bass Harbor Photos
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Long Island Photos
race date -6/15/13
last day to vote – 7/21/13
race date – 6/16/13
last day to vote – 7/21/13
race date – 6/23/13
last day to vote – 7/21/13
race date -6/30/13
last day to vote – 7/21/13
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[singlepic id=58 w=100 h= float=]
[singlepic id=52 w=100 h= float=]
[singlepic id=74 w=100 h= float=]
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Moosabec Photos
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Searsport Photos
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Stonington Photos
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Friendship Photos
race date -7/4/13
last day to vote – 7/25/13
race date – 7/13/13
last day to vote – 8/4/13
race date – 7/14/13
last day to vote – 8/5/13
race date – 7/22/13
last day to vote – 8/12/13
no entries
no entries yet
[singlepic id=77 w=100 h= float=]
no entries yet
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Harpswell Photos
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Winter Hbr Photos
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Pemaquid Photos
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Portland Photos
race date -7/28/13
last day to vote – 8/18/13
race date – 8/10/13
last day to vote – 8/31/13
race date – 8/11/13
last day to vote – 9/1/13
race date – 8/18/13
last day to vote – 9/8/13


Three winners will be chosen by popular vote and announced on September 29 online and in the November issue of Commercial FIsheries NewsAll entries will remain the property of the photographer with digital and print use granted to Commercial Fisheries News. 



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