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Become a CFN Distributor

Paper routes aren’t just for kids anymore.

• Have you looked for Commercial Fisheries News in your area and been frustrated by not finding it?

• Do you know logical places the newspaper should be?

• Do you have a couple of hours each month to distribute the paper and earn yourself a little extra cash?

If you answered yes to these questions, maybe we can make a deal. We need distributors in most areas. What’s involved?

1) We give you a list of stores for clients. (No minimum or maximus number of stores handle as few or as many as you like)

2) We ship you as many newspapers as you need to distribute to these stores.

3) You distribute the newspaper each month, put out the new issues and collect the old issues. Collect payment from the newsstand.

4) Deduct your percentage of the profit and send us the rest.

Minimal paperwork, minimal time investment, maximum profit.
We’d make a great team.

Call or email Leslie for more information on how to become an official Commercial Fisheries News Newsstand Distributor.