CFN Shakedown Cruise: Mussel Ridge 42

Renegade-Shakedownby Brian Robbins

Welcome to another CFN Shakedown Cruise.

Periodically, we will focus on a new launch and dig a little deeper into what went into the project – whether it be a new model or a hull well known to the New England commercial market.  What we hope to do is provide insight and information our readers can apply to their own setups … and, as always, offer up a little entertainment along the way.           —Editor


MATINICUS, ME – When the Spruce Head, ME-based lobster boat Xtreme Measures parted its mooring and went missing in a February snowstorm in 2013, probably the last thing anyone thought about was, “This is gonna make a great ad.”

But as it turns out, when the 42’ Mussel Ridge was found adrift 150 miles offshore 11 days later – having survived gale force winds and seas to match – the thought that went through David Ames’ head was, “That’s got to be a good model hull.”

The 23-year-old Ames, who lives with his family out on the island of Matinicus (a good couple-dozen-mile run offshore out of Rockland), had a 35’ Atkinson Novi at the time – a solid, dependable workboat that would hit “8 knots when she was light,” says David.  “She was a good boat, but I definitely was thinking about having something bigger and faster someday.  That whole Xtreme Measures story really impressed me and got me thinking about the Mussel Ridge 42 hull.”…

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