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Refinishing your boat this winter? Check this out.

Well, the holidays are upon us and for some fishermen who don’t fish in the winter, some downtime, so to speak. Or, perhaps we should just call it a change in the work routine rather than downtime. Are you, or someone you know planning to repaint or refinish your boat this winter? Or perhaps you’re …

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Two fires: Good news — all rescued uninjured

It is worth drawing attention from time to time to events that may result in a vessel casualty on the one hand, but end with the good news that all crew are rescued and uninjured, on the other hand. In August, two fishing vessels reported significant fires — one 65 miles off Chatham, MA, and …

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FISH-SAFE: Report from the International Fishing Industry Safety and Health Conference

Discussing weather, dehydration, more  At 47.5615° N and  52.7126° W lies the delightful coastal city of St. John’s in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.  It was here I found myself on Jun. 10-14 attending the fifth International Fishing Industry Safety and Health (IFISH) conference.   The prime sponsors of the event were the National Institute for …

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FISH-SAFE: Here comes the sun – Don’t overlook eye protection

As spring finally creeps its way into the region, I was reminded this past week of the Beatles’ song with George Harrison’s catchy lyrics: “Here comes the sun Here comes the sun and I say it’s alright; Little darling, it’s been a long and lonely winter Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been …

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Fish Safe: A look back at 2017 Coast Guard casualty responses

Sinkings, fires, dewatering, collisions, allisions – Coast Guard personnel respond to many different types of emergency calls. As we all know, in addition to these vessel-related calls, the Coast Guard responds to many crew-related calls as well. When a crewmember or captain is injured or not well, a mayday call can result in either a …

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FISH SAFE – Understanding wind chill:  Why should we care?

Wind chill is a subjective measure of how cold it feels on the skin of humans and animals. Wind chill is also a measure of the rate of heat loss and, as a result, the temperature we perceive it to be. If you have the <> app on your mobile device or computer, you probably …

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FISH-SAFE: Reflections on East Coast fishing fatalities, 2010-2014

For some, the end of the year is a time to remember those we have lost.  For others, this is a time to reflect on what the lives of lost family and friends meant to us, and what they contributed to family and community. In this season of short days, many of us will be …

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FISH-SAFE: Could it be?  A possible annual self-certification plan

The changing of the seasons (and the sea) remind us every year of changes we want or need to make in our daily and work lives.  Actually our risks change with the seasons. We get out our jackets to resist the cold, sand and salt to keep from slipping on the ice, and thicker gloves …

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FISH SAFE – New: RESCUES manual for Maine and New Hampshire

A previous Fish Safe article in CFN (Mar. 2016) described the then newly released RESCUES manual. The first edition of “Responding to Emergencies at Sea and to Communities under Extreme Stress” was developed with assistance from the members of the coastal communities of Gloucester and New Bedford, MA and Point Judith, RI. The second edition, now …

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FISH SAFE – Helping Maine’s future fishermen hit the deck running

Maine young people living on the coast – many with parents who are active fishermen – are excited to be out on the water, following in their parent’s footsteps, having their own boats, traps, and income. I talked with a number of them recently at the Maine Fishermen’s Forum in Rockport. As signs of spring …

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